10 Truths Every Dedicated Young Mother Can Relate To.

10 truths every dedicated young mother can relate to

1) You LOVE your children.

Your children are, without a doubt, your world. From the moment you saw their face, a love like you had never known consumed you. Any fears, uncertainty,  nervousness you may have felt before disappeared. You were now responsible for the most beautiful baby in the entire world, and you were all of a sudden up for it. You were suddenly up for everything motherhood entailed. No regrets. No fears.

Just love and determination.

2)Pregnancy is not what you imagined.

Whether you had an easy pregnancy, or a really hard one, it was not what you imagined. Feeling your baby kick is better than you ever imagined it. Until you are nine months along and they decide to give your bladder a swift kicking, and you pee your pants. Baby-1 Ego-0.

Shaving your legs? Never.

Your Crotch? Can’t even see it.

Clipping you toenails? Impossible.

Then, one day a dark line appears down the middle of your stomach.

Ok who wrote on me while I was asleep?

Then, you lose your mucous plug (which you had no idea what that was, thank God for Google.) You are now convinced you will be going into labor in the next 24 hours.

4 weeks later you are still pregnant… Any day now little one!

You drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what they are going to look like, and when they are going to come.
You just pray that your water does NOT break in the check out line at Wal-Mart…

3)Giving birth is not what you imagined.

You spend most of your pregnancy going from being terrified of giving birth to trying not to think about it.
What if I poop? Being one of the most horrifying unknowns.

Then, you show up at the hospital, and nothing is what you expected. Nothing is what you planned, but somehow, everything is perfect.

Everything is exactly as it should have been, your baby came into the world exactly as God had planned, and it was perfect, even if it wasn’t.

4) Breastfeeding is not what you imagined it.

You imagine breastfeeding to be a lot of things… nurturing, sweet, and maybe sometimes a little awkward (in public).

You learn it is absolutely liberating knowing that YOU are providing 100% natural nutrition for your baby.  It is the sweetest, most precious thing you have ever done, and when it ends that sweet, nurturing feeling will forever cling to your heart… BUT.

You NEVER imagined sitting topless on the couch at 2 am milking yourself (literally) and watching infomercials because there is nothing else on TV (and you enjoy it. Hey, alone time is alone time).

Your boobs leak, and you cannot feel it.

One minute you are in line at the grocery store listening to a baby cry, only to get out to your car and your ENTIRE Shirt is soaked. Embarrassing? Yeah.

5) Nothing is what you imagined it.

Somewhere along the line you realize that motherhood is nothing you had ever expected. It is a whirlwind of love, exhaustion, excitement, cries (not just the baby), laughs, and frustration. You wake up in the middle of the night thinking you just cant do it, and you wake up the next morning and you want to do it forever. You never want them to grow up, but you can’t wait for them to get out of “this phase”.

You get power puked on, pooped on, and peed on, regularly, but somehow… it is by far your favorite thing you have ever done, and in the same note, the most challenging thing you have ever experienced.

You realize, motherhood is absolutely amazing, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

6) You suddenly appreciate your own mother more.

Out of the blue, you feel the need to run to your mom, give her and HUGE hug and apologize for all those times you brought your enormous pile of clothes into the laundry room… on Sunday evening.

And for every other stupid thing you have ever done.

7) Naptime rocks.

Enough said.

8) You are tired of getting “the look” when you take your kids to the grocery store.

We all get it every now and again. That look. It accuses you of being a 15 year old, single mother, on food stamps and every other government assistance program, who leaves their child with his or her grandparents several times a week to go and party with your friends.

You know what I’m talking about.

It’s the look that makes you want to hold up your fist and yell at them and say, “Excuse me, I am not 12 years old, I LOVE my child, I NEVER see my friends, and I LOVE Jesus. Can I just please buy my groceries with my paycheck that I earned, and go home and cook dinner for my family?”

9) You HATE that look so much that it resonates in your soul.

You will most likely never see those people again, but you give your everything, every second of everyday to prove them wrong. You want to crush the stereotype society has created for you as a mother so badly, that you often over extend yourself. You feel that just because you are a “young mother” you are responsible for proving society wrong. Because you are NOT just a young mother, you are a dedicated young mother.

You are not like other “young mothers”. You love your children, so you are make a point to always be with them. You strive to educate them (every second of every day). You sacrifice: Time with your friends (you might see once a year), time to your self, sleep, everything.  All because you love your children. More than anything in the world you want to be a good mom. You want to be there through every defining moment in their life, all along, learning & growing alongside them. You want to raise them to be the best they can possibly be. Because you love them.

10)Above all, you are thankful.

Thankful for God’s grace.

Thankful that he is in control.

Thankful that his plans take precedence over yours.

Thankful that he blessed you with such a beautiful baby, and thankful for making you a mommy.

I am Megan.
I am 22 years old and have 2 beautiful boys.

And I am a young mother.

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