Rustic Finger Print Guest Book-FREE Printable!


Remember my preview post of the Fall Themed Baby Shower I threw for my friend awhile back? Well… here is a little goody to make throwing your own fall themed baby shower SUPER easy!

I saw this guestbook idea on Pinterest back when I was looking for inspiration for the baby shower, but couldn’t find anything that you could print out that was similar… so I went the old-fashioned way and drew one myself. I enjoy drawing, so it was not a big deal for my, and I must say… I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. ☺

But incase you aren’t the artistic type… I thought I would include a FREE printable of the exact tree I used for my baby shower! Just click on the link below to print!

Rustic Finger Print Guestbook FREE Printable

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This printable is also really versatile!

I thought it would be a really sweet if they took it to the hospital with them to keep track of everyone who came to see their baby at the hospital. It could also be used as a guestbook for weddings! I just love that it is a free, beautiful way to display all the people who came to your special event (whatever it may be) instead of hiding it in a book you will never look at in your closet.

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I hope you love it as much as I do! Let me know what you think!

Also, stay tuned for more baby shower breakdown.

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