25 Things You’re Suddenly Thankful for When You Become a Mother.

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Today I was feeling really thankful. Thankful for everything, but especially thankful for being a mom. Being a mother is by far the most amazing thing any of us can do. It is never what we expect it to be, but always something to be treasured. Motherhood is absolutely the most beautiful, challenging, exhausting, and amazing thing anyone can experience.

Let’s all take time to treasure everything our children bring us, and laugh about everything they do that drives us nuts.

Lets take time to be truly thankful.

25 Things You’re Suddenly Thankful for When You Become a Mother.

1) Your Child(ren).

beautiful boys

2) Their smiles,


3) Their laughs,

4) Their snuggles,

5) Their kisses,

6) Their hugs,

7) And their unconditional love.

8) The way they look when they sleep.


9) How adorably messy they get when they eat.

messy messy2

10) Bubble baths.

bubble baths

11) Pictures, that capture the moments that go by so fast.


12) Watching them with their daddy.


13) The way they will always need mommy.

Photo Credit: Jones Photography

Photo Credit: Jones Photography

14) Watching them rejoice when they accomplish alone.

pop popsicy joy photography

15) Being present to accomplish things together.


16) Grandparents

ride grandparents6 grandparents7

17) Great Grandparents.

grandparents grandparents2

grandparents3 grandparents4 grandparents5

18) Your mother, and everything she ever did for you.


And let’s not forget…

19) Privacy.

privacy motherhood

You never know how much you love going to the bathroom by yourself, until you have children, and it literally NEVER happens.

20) A good nights sleep.

good sleep

21) Dishwashers.

22) Washers & Dryers.

23) Disposable diapers.

24) Strollers.


Sometimes I get busy, sometimes I get caught up in life. But I hope that my kids always know how thankful for them. That they know how much I love them. That they know how thankful I am to be their mommy.

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Also, a big Thanks to Brent at Jones Photography for his awesome photo of me and the boys! He’s so great to work with!

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