Educational Shaving Cream Activity

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With this crazy cold weather we have had lately, we have been stuck. So to prevent cabin fever, I had to come up with some fun ideas to keep the boys busy! And this one happened to be my absolute favorite!
shaving cream activity3 year old

All I did was spray some shaving cream on the boys’ little kiddie table, and learning time began! My 3 year old, Luke has been learning letter and sounds and has been doing an AWESOME job with it. So I thought it would be neat to see if I could teach him to write his name in the shaving cream. He did great! With very little help, and zero frustration (which seemed to be common when trying to teach him to write his name on paper) he was writing his name like a pro! Proud mama right here!

And for my little man, Carter, I worked on shape recognition. I would draw shapes and have him tell me what each one was, and he did great! We all had a blast!

shaving cream activity2

This activity would also be great for older children for practicing spelling and word recognition!

It really is such a fun way for the kids to learn and be creative!

I hope you and your family benefit from this activity as much as we do! I would LOVE to hear your feedback!



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