Warms My Heart Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking. And honestly, I have really been going through a lot spiritually. This is why I haven’t been posting as often because, honestly, I feel a little crazy for it, and I have a hard time writing, and sharing anything with you that is not 100% true. Sometimes, being transparent is REALLY hard. Putting your feelings and thoughts uncensored for the world to read is terrifying.

Remember when I shared my Diving Deep experience with you? Well, since then I have been, without a doubt, going through a full blown spiritual awakening.

After God spoke to me and told me to Dive Deep, he has been literally moving me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It has been a beautiful and overwhelming process that I am incredibly thankful for, but is a lot to take in.

I went through a time where I lost myself. I put everyone else’s needs before mine, and I lost sight of who I really want to be. I lost sight of who he wants me to be.

Going through all of this, I have figured out who I want to be, and God has shown me who he wants me to be.

I want to be free.

Free from wanting.

Free from hate.

Free from lust.

Free from greed.

Free from gluttony.

Free from envy.

Free from wrath.

Free from my own mistakes.

At all costs, I want to.

warms wed 3

Take time to give.

warms wed 11

Be Heard.

warms wed 5

Share a kind word.

warms wed 8

Live on a whim.

warms wed 6

Take a Swim.

warms wed 13

Enjoy Serenity.

warms wed 4

Share my true Identity.

warms wed 7

Be free from lust.

warms wed 2

Immensely Trust.

warms wed 12

I want to find my worth.

  warms wed 16

And I pray that you find yours.

I pray that we all can see that we are worth a lot, that each of us is here for a reason. I pray that each of us can learn to be more. To be unafraid to live differently, and shine our own lights. I pray that we can all free ourselves from wanting.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope I was able to shine a little light on your week!



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