Warms My Heart Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I am amazed by how much I have personally benefited from each an every Warms My Heart Wednesday.

Just taking the time to look through beautiful images, searching for the ones that truly move my soul, has taught me so much. Every week I am reminded how blessed I am, how beautiful the world is, how precious life is, and how truly amazing God is.

I hope this post serves as a reminder of how small we are, how small we view things, and how little we see. I hope it makes you want more. I hope it gives you a hunger for a full life. I hope it makes you want to grow, to grow into the person you were born to be. And I pray that you learn not to fear growth, but to trust God. To be patient in his timing, and remember that his plans will always surpass your dreams!

Star Gazing

warms wed 3

Cattle Grazing.

warms wed 4

Beauty Reclaimed.

warms wed 14

Living Untamed.

warms wed 15

Simple Wonder.

warms wed 2

The Sound of Thunder.


We are all connected,

warms wed 10

and all affected.

warms wed 9

The fact that…

God’s got this.

warms wed 5

So he’s definitely got this.

warms wed 6

So everything is going to be ok.

warms wed 7

Thank you so much for reading! I hope these images inspired you as much as they did me.

Did these images inspire you?

What did they make you feel?

I’d love to hear what your thoughts were!

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