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Hello, I am Megan Mikkelson, and I am a Cheapskate.

A mother of 2 crazy boys, and a lover of Jesus, who has a passion for creating things, spaces, and memories in my home… without spending money.

It started as a goal. See, Taylor & I found out we were pregnant with my oldest son, Luke, right before I turned 19 years old (3 weeks before graduation), and like most kids I didn’t have any savings worth shining about. So immediately, I started saving. A little here, and a little there. I stopped going shopping with friends & family, stopped looking through the ads in the Sunday paper. At first it was really hard, I was young, and none of my friends could relate to what I was going through. We didn’t have a lot, but we had a beautiful baby boy, we had each other, and I was happy. 20 months and 2 days later, God blessed us with another beautiful baby, Carter. Somewhere along the line, everything changed. It wasn’t hard anymore. I suddenly realized I didn’t like going shopping anymore (I actually kind of dread it), I didn’t like going into town for fun anymore. Somewhere along the line, I had become happy with what we had, and thankful for everything God had given me. As a result, I started figuring out different ways to save, and found I really enjoyed it!

My to-be father-in-law, Larry, taught me how to garden, and I learned how to cook with fresh food, and how to make it last. We bottle fed calves. We got chickens. And I started making things.

Then, I realized just how much I really LOVE making things, and my passion grew. I have learned so much and am at such a pivotal point in my life as a young mother that I felt compelled to share my experiences, and creations with others. DIY has become a passion of mine, and has really changed the life of both me and my family. Creating things for your family, especially for your children, is the most rewarding experience. That moment when you finish something, and you see the smiles on your kids faces because YOU made it for THEM is an indescribable feeling that no amount of money can buy. I am so excited for this opportunity, and I hope you enjoy what I have to say!

Follow along with my perfectly imperfect life as a young mother!

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